Wednesday, February 19, 2014

~Pick up God's dream for your life~

We are all in search of something in our lives and once we think that we've found it we often surrender to it but what we don't realize is that we are surrendering to the wrong things in life!
We shouldn't have to give up who we dream of becoming and settle for the "content" things in life! We should indeed follow a road to the right path in our life but that doesn't mean that just because we have a certain "talent" we suddenly feel called to something in life just because it's the easy road to success or so we think! Life is about doing the right things that makes us feel like we are not only making a difference in our lives but that we're also making a difference in the world.
If what you're doing in your life is only benefitting "you" and is making everyone else around you miserable..maybe you need to have a reality check and ask yourself that difficult question of " am I going to change the world or am I going to just live to please myself?"
Here's an example for you, I love to cook and it was always in my plans that I would someday own a restaurant and cook for people, but then I started singing on the praise team and became passionate about singing and worshipping God, that made me realize something, I can't change the world by only staying in the back of a kitchen all my life! But I can change the world by singing for God and leading people into worship every week! That's where I can make a huge difference in our little town and maybe someday God will bring me to higher places in the ministry and perhaps someday I'll stand on a million stages and lead people into higher place of worship!
So if you surrender to anything at all in this life, take my word and surrender to what God has for you to do! If you want to be happy and to change the world and have purpose, do like I did and serve Jesus! With Jesus they'll never be any disappointments, they'll never be discouragement like you would receive from a career in the business world! With Jesus you'll always have a friend and someone to build you up! And with Jesus YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be successful, I'm simply saying that you should work for Jesus by witnessing to others, if you have a career in the business world witness where you are working and let God use you there as well! I believe that we can reach the world with the message of Jesus and our dreams can become what Jesus has for us to do and we will be happy because of it! Pray that God will lead you to the right areas in life that he'll give you opportunities to witness to others out there that are lost and are in need of a Savior!

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