Monday, February 24, 2014

~Though I'm weak, He's Strong!~

We all have weaknesses, even though we struggle with different things.
Whether your struggle is something big or small we all face them in our lives! Some people struggle with a battle within themselves and find it difficult to face each day because we simply cannot see the value in ourselves that others see in us!
Or maybe the thing you struggle with is an addiction of some kind, it could be an addiction to alcohol or perhaps even pain killers..there are so many different things that you could be struggling with!
But one thing remains true..God sees the struggles that we go through, even the secret addictions that no one else knows about!
You don't have to worry about feeling alone in this because we all have struggles But God still loves us and he's stronger than anything that we're facing! 
We sometimes get caught up while we're struggling and we often forget of God's strength! But when we become weak and we cave in to our temptations and addictions God is the one that we can fall back on! God is the mighty, courageous, powerful one that gives us mercy, though we are weak and we give in to our sinful flesh at times, God will be there to give you another chance and he will forgive you because he loves you and he knows that you're not perfect but he still reminds us that he is indeed "perfect!" He is also merciful, forgiving, caring and faithful! He gives us blessings because of his love for us as well!
If you are really struggling in your life, no matter what it is..God is the mighty one that will help you to make it pass this! 
Through him alone can we find the strength to make it through the day, and God alone deserves all of our praise! You're going to make it, don't give up and trust in God! 
When we are weak, HE IS STRONG! And with the help of God's strength you will make it through this!

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