Sunday, February 16, 2014

~At a loss for words~

We've all lost someone in our lifetime that was an important and an influential person in our lives, whether it may be that the person moved away or sadly because they passed away, These are the hardest things to experience in life and no matter what you've faced in your life before, nothing hurts more than losing someone who meant the world to you, no matter how strong you may be!
Sometimes when we go through a tragedy of losing someone we will ask God why or how he could allow this horrible thing to happen? But God never wants us to lose someone dear to us, even though in life it's inevitable, However, God does want to be there for us when they do happen and he wants to bring us comfort in our time of need! God will draw near to us in times of tragedy though at times it seems like no one or nothing could bring you comfort in the grieving process.
Sometimes there isn't a word that can bring healing more than a hug and the love from family and friends in your time of need, nothing brings true comfort more than love does, Love reaches into the darkest part of our hearts and whispers "It's not over!" when it hurts too much and the words just won't come remember this, God made shadows as well as sunshine, there will be beauty that comes rising up out of you from the ashes and you will be able to smile again, You will be able to laugh again, You will find joy in life again!
God sees the pain that you're going through and he can feel your sorrow as if it was his own, He knows how you're feeling because he had to watch his own son die on a cross and he felt the pain from that loss, God grieved when his son died and he knows just how painful it feels to lose a loved one, You are not alone!
Even when you don't know what to say or pray, God knows your heart and he knows what you desire to say even when the words won't come! God will comfort you!
A few months ago in September my Grandma (my mom's mother) passed away and I had to watch my Mom as she said goodbye to her Mom, I didn't know what to say or to do for my Mom to bring her comfort! I had never experienced such a personal kind of loss in my whole life, I was trying to hide my tears from my family because I didn't want to see them cry again, I didn't know what to say or to do to help my Mom so I just hugged her and didn't say anything with words, Instead I let my heart speak to her heart and reassure her that she's not alone! Sometimes the most beautiful and poetic of words cannot compare to the warmth of someones Love for you..that is what gets us through is when we feel loved and that love sweeps over us and helps to heal our wounds!
So when the words won't come, don't try to force them, Instead let the tears flow freely and be silent for a little while and know that God sees those tears falling down and he catches every single tear while he is bringing healing to your heart! The pain doesn't go away completely but God gives us the opportunity to tell others how much that person touched your life and made you the good person you are today!
The very best compliment I've ever received from anyone was when my Grandma on my dad's side told me that my Grandma Beck lived on through me because I have the same spirit as she did, I couldn't have heard a better compliment than that because I've never known anyone that had more love for people than my Grandma Beck had! I cannot wait to see her again in Heaven..Heaven is an even better place with my Grandma Beck there, I truly believe that and I long for the day that I will see her again!

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