Sunday, February 2, 2014

~Where would we be if not for Grace?~

Here's a good question for you tonight..Where would you be right now if it hadn't been for the Grace of God? Do you ever think about how far you've come since finding Jesus? Thinking back over all the things God has brought us through helps us appreciate where we are in our lives in the present! It's very good to remember what you've overcome in your life! And you can use that as a testimony to others so that they may know about the goodness of our God and about his Grace that is available for anyone! Jesus died for everyone, He loved us all so much that he died on the cross to pave the way for all sinners and offer Grace to all so we may be able to spend eternity with him someday! That is awesome to me!
I would love to hear what God has brought you through and hear your testimony But first let me share with you something that he has brought me through!
When I was younger I was so shy that I was fearful to speak to people and make friends, And when I got into my teenage years I became very self-conscience and I had a low self-esteem, I had an anxiety disorder that caused me to become very nervous around new people and even new places, I remember one year a few years after we had moved here I went to youth camp and I was excited to go but Satan kept trying his hardest, whispering to me that I couldn't have fun and make friends, He told me they were laughing at me when I heard the other kids laughing and Satan tried his very best to break me down and destroy me!
That year at camp I remember praying in the altar and weeping before God because I was in such pain from all of this, I knew it wouldn't be easy to overcome this and I knew that it would take a lot of prayer and learning to lift myself up But I knew that I could make it through this and that somehow God would make something out of my brokenness and mend my heart! While I was in the middle of trying to change and allow God to transform me Satan had other plans of course! Satan sent others to question me and tell me that something was wrong with me and telling me that maybe I needed to go on some medication, some even thought it was all in my head and that I was somehow making myself that way! Sometimes I would listen to them and think maybe they were right But God spoke to me and told me that he has plans for my life! I knew that God would bring me through it and I knew he had a promise for me! Until recently I had struggles with low self-esteem But I'm here to tell you today that God brought me through that and now I'm free! I see how valuable I am in God's eyes and I know that the right people who should be in my life will also be able to see how valuable I am in the kingdom and that's more than good enough for me!
God brought me through it and I know whatever it may be that you're struggling with God can give you freedom from that too! You may feel defeated and broken now But if you'll praise God anyway and seek his will above your own will, God will bring you to the place he wants you to be and he'll surround you with the right people who will lift you up and God will help you to tell Satan where to go! He needs to go back to hell where he came from because you're a child of the most high God! Don't mess with The King's Kids Satan! Satan tried his best to silence an already quiet person..But now he has to worry about a quiet person who can now speak her mind about Jesus! They say it's the quiet ones that you should worry about and Satan has a lot to worry about with me because I'm not going to shut my mouth or be silent about Jesus!

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