Saturday, February 8, 2014

~It's a new day, with new beginnings~

I just returned from a worship conference that was in San Antonio and it's amazing how refreshing it can be when you are surrounded by other worship leaders that have had the same struggles and have had trials that were similar as you've had, which allows me to breath easier knowing that I'm not alone at all and that we can worship in the storms as well as in the happy times, The simple truth that we often forget while leading is this..Worship even when you're not really feeling anything because it's not about you, it's about praising God and being faithful, As a worship leader we are meant to lead the congregation into the atmosphere of worship and you are standing up on stage so you can be a good example to people and we really are making a difference! Because God rewards our faithfulness and we will lead God's people to new places as long as we never give up even though times become tough but God is going to show up where he is welcome! We welcome him into the house of God and he will show up because he is welcome to "steal the show" so to speak!
You have a blessed day in the house of The Lord! Remember his faithfulness and that it's about worshipping him through it all because he's worthy of the praise!


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