Sunday, February 23, 2014

~At a standstill~

We are go through some very difficult times in our lives that causes us to question God at times and it sometimes causes us to feel confused, hopeless and weary.
When bad things happen to us the last thing we want to do is "be still" instead we sometimes run in panic because we just cannot wrap our minds around what's happened in our lives in that very moment! We often cry out to God and say "why me Lord?" Or "what did that have to happen now?" Whatever it may be that you've prayed, you know what I'm talking about.. I'm talking about being at a standstill in your life, when nothing is going right and Satan has attacked you with all he has to try to strip you from your purpose, the purpose that God has for you that Satan doesn't want you do succeed in! Satan only wants bad things for us and he wants to kill us in the process if he can! 
When bad things happen to good people Satan tries his hardest to put lies in our ear saying that "God must not be watching over you..if he loved you he would've stopped these bad things from happening!" Don't listen to Satan! He is a liar! God loves you very much and he is the one who comforts us when those bad things do happen to us and God reassures us that it's all going to work out!
This will pass from you and you will have joy again, you will have peace again, you will come out of this with God's help! God has not abandon you! Reach up to God and call upon his name and he will come to your aid! When you're at a standstill..know that God is still standing up for you and he will bring you into better times ahead in the future, and God will help you to get through the bad times!
You're going to make it! God loves you! God is watching over you and he is waiting for you to call out his name so he can comfort you!


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