Thursday, February 20, 2014

~More discerning, than trustful~

Why is it that we somehow have a constant battle going on inside our own self, that we struggle to accept and love ourselves? Yet we can somehow convince ourselves that others of whom we have never met beforehand are in fact better than we are or we can see potential in a person that ends up later on being just as they tried to tell you that they really were!
The ones who are caring, devoted, understanding and valuable are often the ones who are easily hurt and taken advantage of because the ones who "use people" to get what they want are able to identify the pure of heart and they know that we will become "victims" of theirs because we are too easily "trustful" and we will give them more than one chance to justify their actions and their words, they see us coming from a mile away! We must learn to protect ourselves from becoming "victims" and start defending ourselves more! We don't have to constantly be betrayed by others! We need to be friendly but that doesn't mean we have to give them our cars, money, food or shelter! Some people are trained to " beg" meaning that they never allowed themselves to learn to take care of their own things! I'm talking about someone who "preys" on others who are hardworking and family oriented as well! They prey on someone who is faithful and over trusting of people just because the person they prey on is "nice" and easily a "target"
I speak from experience here, we must learn to be more discerning and less trustful of strangers and start watching out for ourselves and also for our friends and family out there!
I know it's hard to believe that someone out there would purposefully and deliberately seek to find people to "love and leave" kind of a thing, but they are out there! And they know just how to play their game! They know what to look for and they know how to lead you on..and most of all they know all too well how to deceive you!
Be careful Christians and ask God to help you to see people as they really are before they deceive you and hurt you!

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