Saturday, February 15, 2014

~I Once Was Lost~

We have all come to the conclusion in one point in our lives when we realize that we're lost and we cannot find our way back, Some of us need a friend to pull us back up to where we need to be, Others are different and can only find their way back by themselves, But there's no mistaking it..We all get lost at some point and it's hard to make a comeback at times,You're not alone out there! there are so many others that feel like it's hopeless and they're so lost that they wonder if they'll ever make it back home where they need to return! God has so many plans for our lives..but his plans are the good parts of our lives, Sometimes we go through a valley or two But that isn't where God put you and if you are in a valley right now, know that you do not walk alone where you are! You're going to make it pass this and God will be beside you the whole way, even when you feel like you're alone..Believe me, God is with you and you're going to be a comeback kid when this is all over! I know that sometimes we can't see getting pass the Valley's in our lives because we cannot hear God's voice at times but he just wants you to talk to him and tell him how painful the struggle is that you're going through, "Pray" God won't be silent forever, so seek him until you hear from him and God will answer your cry!
I remember when I was about 9 years old and me, my dad and my sister, along with some of the church kids and adults went camping as a church group, Me and my friend wanted so badly to go into a cave but all of the adults were busy doing other things and none of them could take us, so me and my friend went by ourselves into the cave..Let me just tell you now..Bad Idea! We got lost and couldn't find our way because our flashlights were growing dim and it was getting dark outside and on top of it all..we were inside this very dark and cold cave! When we had finally stopped walking and decided to stand in one spot until someone found us, we were both thinking.."what if we are lost forever?" and "what if we don't ever get to see our families again?" Finally we heard voices at the end of the cave and we started walking toward the voices..I remember when we finally made it out of there and how bright the rest of the sun from the late afternoon seemed But a few minutes later me and my friend thought "Oh no, now we have to face our father's and find out how long we're grounded for!"
The moral of the story is this, Sometimes when we get lost we make mistakes along the way but in the last seconds when we think that it's too late for God to come in and rescue us "He comes in as our Hero and saves the day!" God loves us even after we make bad choices or stupid mistakes the world pulls us into making! God sees all of our mistakes and yet "He loves us as though we've never made a mistake!" It's all because of a little thing called "Grace" And with each morning comes "New Mercy"
So no matter what mistakes you've made along the way God is still the same and he still forgives and he forgets our mistakes after we ask him to forgive us of our sin! Now that is amazing..isn't it! God is awesome and so forgiving! Ask him for forgiveness now and he will forgive matter what it is! God truly loves you and he's proud to call you his child, even though we've all made mistakes he loves us all just the same and his love is forever and will never fail! I'm so glad, aren't you?

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