Friday, February 28, 2014

~Give Me Understanding~

There comes a point in all of our lives when we just don't understand why certain things are happening in our lives all at once, and it seems as though when it rains.. it storms, in other words, when one bad thing happens..more bad things follow the first thing that has happened in our lives! Which makes sense because the Bible says Satan comes in like a flood, so that gives us an understanding of why bad things follow each other in our lives!
God doesn't send terrible situations into our lives, instead he allows us to learn while we're in the middle of the storms of life, God wants us to grow while we are making our way out of hard times so we will be able to gain knowledge and an understanding in life, so we may not have to go through that again in our lives and perhaps we will also be able to warn someone and prevent them from making the same mistakes as we did! God sets us up into great things even when we're right in the middle of a mess in our lives! There isn't a single thing we can go through that God doesn't know about and he always knows how to help us to get out of those hard situations we're all facing in some way!
It's so hard to look ahead into the future when your past is consuming your present life but through God we can keep our eyes on the great things that he has for us and have an understanding and peace that God is more powerful than all we are currently facing in our lives, And God will give us the peace of mind knowing that he sees our pain and he will come through for us and we will make it out of the situation that we're in!
God sees it all, he sees your tears, he sees your fears, he sees your pain, and most of all he sees your hopes and your dreams! God sees everything in your life and he loves you..just because of the person that he created you to be and he wants you to succeed in everything he has for you in your life! God loves you because God is love!
God wants to bless you and he wants to give you the knowledge and understanding that you are searching for!
Pray this prayer with me now,
"Lord, I don't understand why I'm in this situation in my life and I don't know what the purpose is for me to be where I am now in my life, but you know, Lord, help me to have the peace and understanding that I will make it out of this in my life and I will be stronger when this storm has passed over, Be Lord of my life and help me to praise you even after the storm has passed, Amen!"
If you prayed that prayer, guess what? You have put your current situation in God's hands and you aren't alone anymore! God will help you to get through this hard time and you're going to come out of the struggle and become a happier person, whose closer to God than you were before! God bless you in Favor and may you gain understanding and peace of mind through the knowledge of The Lord in your life!

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