Friday, February 21, 2014

~It's only words..Or is it?~

The words we say are very powerful so we must always be careful how we use them! We even need to be careful about the tone of the words we use toward people, Words give us the power to build someone up or they can bring people down, In fact this is one of the most important subjects we should all learn in life! I would even say that it could very well be "the most important lesson" when it comes to people skills!
Please be careful what you say, Because those words could make or break a person that could be going through something hard in their life and you could say something negative that could cause them to panic in their situation! You could use an opportunity to speak positively in their time of need if you would allow God to lead you in what to say to them, that could very well be just what they need and it could be a timely word in their life! Let God use you to build up others, life is too short and you only have one chance to speak into someone else' life! If you're not sure what to say to someone in their time of need..don't force the words! God will send someone along that will have the right word  for them in that hard time in their life!
And here's the most important thing..When God gives you a word to speak to someone, obey him and do not be afraid because that word is from God and that will be the word that they need at that moment and that could be the very thing that could save their life! Let's take the words that come out of our mouths very seriously, the bible says our words could bring life or death! Remember that!
So the next time someone is going through something tough don't ask them to bring it up..after all, we've all dealt with issues in our own lives and buried our skeletons that we never want to speak of again! Don't make them relive those bad times! Be wise in your words and be respectful not to bring up issues in other people's lives that they've already moved beyond! If they bring it up it's better to move on to another subject as quickly as possible so they can talk about better things in their life and focus on the wonderful things in the future! Look forward and bring the ones around you with you into better things of God!
Speak life into yourself, your family and into your friends! Laugh and have Joy, Love and be loved, Live the abundant life that God gave you to live!
(Proverbs 18:21) "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it's fruits."

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