Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~Trapped:The battle of depression~

It seems like so many people suffer from the same thing nowadays, that thing is called "depression"
Depression is best described as being trapped or in a dark place emotionally day to day, depression often presents itself in it's first stages as "constantly being tired" and "losing the desire to be around others anymore" depression is a battle that is hard to overcome even medication cannot cure this emotional disease fully,
There is truly only one cure for depression and that cure is Jesus! He can break the chains of depression off of you! He can give you joy and an enjoyment of life again! God can give you the push that you need to go about your day and he will help you to stay in the light and leave behind the darkness that depression constantly forces upon you! God will give you a spice for life again and you'll be able to get up and enjoy the sunshine of the beautiful day that God has made! You'll remember how much you love being around people and you'll have the desire to go after you're dreams again! God is the sunshine that allows the flowers to bloom and new life to begin anew, He will give you a new life and a new start that you can do the things that you've always wanted to do that depression has held you back from doing!
God will get you through this and you can be free from depression!
Here's what I want you to start saying everyday, "depression, you have held me back for too long and I will not let you steal my joy anymore! In the name of Jesus I command you to leave! I will not let you control my life anymore! Jesus is now the master of my life and depression will no longer be the master of my life in Jesus name, Amen!"
If you continue to pray that prayer everyday, I know that you'll notice in a short time that you're smiling again! God will bring you joy and peace! depression will no longer rule over your life because Jesus will fill up that void that you're missing in your life and freedom will be yours for the taking! Grab a hold of it, it's yours for the taking!! Rejoice in The Lord now and know that God will help you to become free from depression!

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